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City of Edgerton, Missouri
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Frequently-asked questions
Check this list of Frequently-Asked Questions for answers to common questions you may have.  If you don't see your answer here, please call City Hall during regular business hours, or feel free to use the Contact Form we have provided for you. 
  • Is there a leash law in Edgerton?
    Yes. City ordinances require dog owners to maintain control of their dogs at all times, by either a leash or a proper enclosure such as a fence. No dog shall be allowed to roam upon the streets or sidewalks of the City, unless the dog is securely fastened to a leash and under human control.   back to top

  • Must my dog be vaccinated and licensed?
    Yes. Rabies vaccinations and dog tags are required by the City. Each May, the City provides a vaccination clinic at Edgerton City Hall, for the convenience of its residents. Tags may be purchased at the clinic if your dog is vaccinated there, or by presenting proof of vaccination at City Hall during regular business hours. The tag is $1.50 per tag. Cats are not required to have a city tag; however, cats may be vaccinated at the clinic.   back to top

  • How does the city deal with complaints on cats?
    The city does not have leash or containment laws for felines/cats. The city does not respond to complaints concerning roaming cats, injured cats, feral cats or any other type of feline concern.   back to top

  • How do I obtain a copy of a police report or accident repot?
    Call the City Hall at 816-790-3484; speak with the City Clerk.   back to top

  • Does trash pickup change if there is a holiday?
    Yes. Trash is normally picked up on Fridays. However, when a major holiday falls during the week, the pickup is done one day later, on Saturday.   back to top

  • Will our trash service pick up bulky items such as appliances?
    Yes. Place the item curbside with the rest of your trash. Appliances must have motors and/or compressors removed in order to be picked up. No batteries, tires or yard waste will be picked up.   back to top

  • Is there a warning system for severe weather? What is it?
    Yes. A siren will sound in continuous long blasts. Due to variable factors which are beyond our control, we recommend residents also have a battery-operated weather radio or other type of warning device in their home.   back to top

  • How many laps around the Walking Trail make a mile?
    The "long track" is 1,468 feet, so 3 3/5 laps equal one mile. The short track is 706 feet, and 7.5 laps are required to equal one mile. There is also a walking track upstairs, inside the Community Life Center at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, which is open to the public from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Enter through the south doors of the Community Life Center. Call the Church for more details. (More information on Mt. Zion Baptist Church is available on this site.)   back to top

  • Is there a rental hall available in Edgerton?
    Yes. The American Legion Daniel Shafer Post No. 445, at 503 Belt Avenue, is available for rent. The hall has a seating area, kitchen and restrooms. Contact Staley Snook at 816-790-3325 for details. The Community Life Center at Mt. Zion Baptist Church is available to rent for non-profit events such as birthday parties, reunions and family gatherings. The kitchen is available. For more information on renting/reserving the center contact Mary Miller at the church, 816-790-3168.   back to top

City of Edgerton, MO
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City Hall Hours:  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
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